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Thursday January 22, 2009 3:25 pm

Television Review: LOST 1/21/09

Posted by David Torres Categories: Reviews, Television,


Yesterday’s episode of “LOST"was the premiere to the fifth season. It was entitled “Because You Left”. As I mentioned in my previous blog, I was anxiously awaiting for the episode to air. I read my son his story and laid down next to him until he fell asleep. He was asleep by 8:56 pm - just in time. Thank you, God. Was it worth the wait? Was I disappointed? Absolutely not!

This episode really got into the whole time travel plotline that has been slowly revealing itself over the past season. If you still haven’t seen the episode, go away right now. I’m not going to reveal everything, but I will discuss some of the things that did happen in the episode.

Overall this was a very good episode. It’s not the best ever, but like other “LOST” season premieres, it sets up what you will be seeing through out the rest of the year. Of course we get some answers to certain questions like the bright light that everyone saw in the season finale of last year dealt with time travel. Through out this episode, the inhabitants of the island keep moving back and forth through time as the bright light flashes. A friend of a friend made a good point about this in that I believe it was Daniel who said that the people and not the island where going through time. If that’s true, then why did the island disappear at the end of last year? Wouldn’t the island be there and the people would be gone?

As the island inhabitants move through time, they arrive on the island prior to the plane crash when Desmond was in the Swan station inputting the numbers. Daniel is able to get Desmond out of the station and he tells him to go back to Oxford where they first met and see his mother. Desmond only remembers this incident after he leaves the island and is with Penny after the rescue from last season. Desmond tells her they must go to Oxford. My theory is that Daniel’s mother is Ms Hawking the old woman who Desmond met up with when he was looking to buy Penny and engagement ring. To my surprise at the very end who do they show, but Ms Hawking talking with Ben of all people. She tells him that he has to get Jack and the others back to the island in the next 70 hours or “God help us all”.

Another question that popped up last night was who were those guys that captured Sawyer and Juliet? They had uniforms, but I don’t think they were Dharma people. For some reason they remind me of WW II era soldier uniforms. The accent of one of them sounded Australian. Did the inhabitants move back in time to when these guys crashed on the island? Are these guys the people who attacked the inhabitants on the beach with flaming arrows towards the end of the episode?

My wife has been watching the show since the very first episode. She still enjoys it, but last season she says she not sure if she’s going to be happy with the sci-fi direction the show has taken. I told her it’s been like that since day one. I mean with everything that’s happened, science fiction would be the only solution to all the crazy things happening on the show. She wonders as the show goes on will the science fiction turn off main stream audiences. I don’t think so. “LOST” is as much about mystery as is it about science fiction. A good mystery transcends any demographic group. If you’ve peeked someone’s interest with a good mystery, they’re going to want to find out the truth. That’s what made “The X-Files” so popular. It wasn’t really the science fiction, it was the mystery.

One of the unfortunate things about “The X-Files” and many good television shows over the years is that they run out of steam. The writers either run out of ideas or old writers leave the show and new writers don’t write as well as the previous ones. I was worried about tonight’s episode. Would it be good? Well, I wasn’t disappointed. Can’t wait for next week.



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