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Saturday September 19, 2009 12:11 pm

Steve Perry: Aliens, Predators and Men In Black

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steveperryNot too long ago, I was hired by a big time TV producer to ghostwrite a book for him. He had a screenplay that had been sent around and remained unsold and he wanted to try working backwards—convert the screenplay into a book, sell the book, get the book optioned and then sell the screenplay. Stranger things have happened, and he had enough contacts and name-value to give it a strong shot.

I read the screenplay and we met for lunch at one of those nearly trendy places where you’ll likely see Bronson Pinchot eating an egg-white omelet and Tori Spelling ordering half of a flour tortilla. The intended audience for the book was to be Young Adult. We discussed tone and he was very clear—somewhere between Holes and Men In Black. I’d seen the whole Holes movie (and read the book), and I’d seen both of the Men In Black movies. (Today’s MIB trivia:I had also been the editor of the original Men In Black comics back in the stone age of comics and still keep in touch with MIB creator Lowell Cunningham.)

After the meeting, I went to a used bookstore as quickly as possible—except that they don’t exist anymore. So I went to Amazon and ordered a copy of the Men In Black novelization. I wanted to see how someone else had done the job with a similar property. I liked what I read and was impressed by how many little details the author had added while keeping the tone of the movie. He had also done an excellent job of capturing the personalities of J and K, which is no easy task. That author was Steve Perry, and I studied his approach the way others might Stephanie Meyer or a certain Rowling. Without realizing it, he was helping me follow in his footsteps.

Read More | Steve Bissette's Blog

And now Steve Perry could use a helping hand. According to Steve Bissette, Perry has terminal cancer, and he has literally nothing—no money, no health insurance, no bank account. You can read the details over at Bissette’s blog, but if you’re a fan of Perry, his books (Conan, Predator, Aliens), his comics (like Time Spirits and Silverhawks) or his animation work (Gargoyles, Spider-Man Unlimited), or just want to help a guy out for the good karma it creates, please drop a little loot Steve’s way.

Perry has no bank account, so a personal check is out of the question, but there’s always a money order (which you can get from your local post office, or from places like Circle K and Wal-Mart). This news has been out for awhile, and a number of bloggers have already picked up on it, but it never hurts to throw another voice into the pile. If you’ve been thinking about it, and just haven’t gotten around to it yet, let this serve as a nudge in that direction.

Bissette posted Steve’s address, but there was a typo in it and he reposted it. Just so you have the right one, the corrected address is:

Steve Perry
38046 8th Ave
Zephyrhills, FL 33542



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