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Saturday October 16, 2010 2:12 am

Star Wars: Knight Errant #1

Star Wars: Knight Errant #1 CoverJohn Jackson Miller is a friend of the blog. I've known him since he used to work for Krause Publications and edited Comics Retailer magazine for them. He knows more about comic book circulation figures than any person alive, and can tell you how many copies Jughead sold relative to Batman in any month back in 1965.

He's also a Star Wars junkie, and he's written a lot of licensed comic books and novels that prove that. Now he's got a new comic book series, Star Wars: Knight Errant, and the first issue is out from Dark Horse right now. At his Star Wars blog, JJM describes the series as "breaking new ground…with stories set a generation before the Darth Bane novels -- a time when Jedi are few and Sith Lords are many." The series will also introduce a new female Jedi, 18-year-old Kerra Holt.

Miller, who also wrote the Knights of the Old Republic series, said at the Star Wars official website, "Knight Errant asks what it means to be a Jedi outside the Republic, in a time and place where no other hope exists."

Artwork for the new series is by Federico Dallocchio.

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If you want to get in on a new Star Wars series at the beginning, and feel comfortable in the hands of a Jedi master storyteller, Star Wars Knight Errant #1 is a good place to start. But don't take my word for it: take the word of Scoop.

Star Wars: Knight Errant is also connected to the upcoming January release of the Star Wars: Knight Errant novel, also written by Miller and featuring a different adventure.

[Artwork: Cover to Star Wars: Knight Errant #1 by Joe Quinones, © Lucasfilm]



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