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Wednesday March 16, 2011 4:12 am

Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark Makes Changes

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Marvel Comics,

Spider-Man Turn Off The DarkWhen a comic book title starts to suffer a long decline of sales, the publisher tries to turn things around by bringing in a new creative team.

And apparently when a Broadway musical based on a comic book gets horrible reviews, repeatedly injures its cast, repeatedly delays its official opening night and looks to be a huge embarrassment, they also make some changes.

The producers of the troubled Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark musical have done just that. They’ve kicked the original director Julie Taymor to the curb and brought in a new director - Philip William McKinley - and at least one person who is actually familiar with Spider-Man: writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa.

They’ll be making some changes to the extravaganza and one of our Broadway spies was able to slip me an internal memo of the reworking that's going on prior to the show’s latest official opening date sometime in the summer of possibly this year.

Here then are the Top 10 Changes The New Creative Team Is Making To Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark:

10. Marvel Zombie Chorus Girls

9. Two Words: Carol Channing

8. New Title: Two And A Half Spider-Men

7. Even higher ticket prices

6. Delightful cameo by Nathan Lane as new character: Tony Bait

5. Spider-Man duet with Justin Bieber

4. Pogs

3. Playbill with 1-in-25 Romita, Jr. cover variant

2. Broadway Team-Up: Spider-Man On Avenue Q

And the #1 change the new creative team will be making to Spider-Man:

1. Clones

[Artwork: One of the Spider-Man villains appearing in but not responsible for Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark]



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