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Monday January 10, 2011 1:36 am

Sneak Peek: Liberty Unlimited by Martin Powell & Jay Piscopo

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Independent,

Liberty Unlimited
  My pal Martin Powell and artist Jay Piscopo have a project coming up that I really can’t wait to see: Liberty Unlimited.
Martin says this all-ages sci-fi/mystery adventure series is “in the grand tradition of Doc Savage and Jonny Quest,” with a little bit of Nancy Drew thrown into the mix too.
According to Martin, the series is “still in its early development stages.”
The really nice piece of promotional art here highlights the cast: Libby the future-girl, her best friend Zoey, Libby's super-scientist dad, and their bodyguard, the mechanical marvel Red Rover.


Martin posts cool stuff from the series on his Facebook wall all the time, and you can also follow along at his blog.
And publishers looking for all-ages, kid-friendly adventure material should think seriously about getting in touch with Martin.
If you want to see some of Jay’s work, check out his blog and the info on his upcoming comic book, The Sea Ghost.
[Artwork: Liberty Unlimited, drawn by Piscopo. Liberty Unlimited is ™ and © Martin Powell and Jay Piscopo.]



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