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Thursday February 4, 2010 2:05 pm

Review: Marvel Comics Siege #2

Posted by David Torres Categories: Reviews, Marvel Comics,

Siege #2 Rating: *** 1/2*

Marvel Comics’ Siege continues this week with issue two of the four part mini-series. The issue returns to the scene of the battle in Oklahoma where , HAMMER, and the Dark Avengers are battling it out with Thor and the citizens of Asgard. All look lost as Norman Osborn stands over a defeated Thor, but he’s saved by Maria Hill using a bazooka, which blows Norman out of the way.

Ares discovers quickly that he’s been duped by Norman into helping lead the invasion of Asgard. Ares decides to make good on his promise and rip Norman’s head off when the Sentry comes in to protect Norman. They duke it out and in a shocking big splash page moment, the Sentry rips Ares in half. I knew someone was going to die in this issue and I had a feeling it would be Ares, but in no way did I see him meeting his end this way. Very cool!

Issue one left off with an angry Steve Rogers watching the footage of the invasion of Asgard. We pick up here with Steve gathering the New Avengers, the Young Avengers, and Nick Fury and his Secret Warriors so they can all head to Oklahoma to defeat Osborn once and for all. Also with this group is Bucky the new Captain America. He hands over the shield to Steve stating he believes if they are going to do this, it has to be done right and Steve must wield the shield once more.

Which leads me to the teaser posters that has released recently for the post Siege era of the Avengers universe. We know that a new Avengers title and team will launch in May and that Captain America will be on the team, but it’s Captain America wearing Bucky’s uniform. I thought Bucky would die at the end of this series and maybe he still does. Maybe it’s Steve in the Bucky/Cap uniform that Marvel has released. Maybe he dons this costume to honor his fallen friend. A hole in that theory is that Steve doesn’t use a gun and this Cap is holding a gun. I would love it if Steve started using a gun, I know many longtime fans are against it. I don’t see what’s the big deal. Nick Fury has a gun; Bucky has a gun; why not Steve?

We end with Norman trying to rally his troops to locate Thor when Taskmaster yells to Osborn incoming. In a very cool shot, we see panel by panel Osborn in his Iron Patriot armor looking up as each frame shows a reflection of a shield coming down on him and we end there.

Olivier Coipel’s artwork in this issue is outstanding. That’s what really helps this series so far because in my opinion, the story is good, but it’s nothing we haven’t seen before. Maybe I’m short changing writer Brian Michael Bendis on this one, because most of his work is top notch and I may be taking his work for granted. I don’t think there will be any ground breaking, shattering events that will have an effect on the Marvel Universe for years to come. I think we’ll have a big battle and Norman Osborn will be defeated. I don’t foresee anything more than just that happening. Still, I’m enjoying this series and do yourself a favor and check out Coipel’s artwork. Unreal!  Great stuff.



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