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Monday July 27, 2009 9:24 pm

Review: Dethklok vs. the Goon

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The Alliance of the Serpent, a cult that uses inbreeding of royals to bring about the Anti-Christ, finally has the vessel they need to create a rift in the fabric of the universe. That vessel is William Murderface, the ill tempered, self-loathing bassist of heavy metal superband, Dethklok.

Who are Dethklok you ask? Why none other than the incompetent, inept, and metal stars of the hit Adult Swim cartoon, Metalocalypse. Dethklok consists of the aforementioned Murderface, Front Man and lyrical genius Nathan Explosion, Lead Guitarist Skwissgar Skwigelf, Rhythm Guitarist Toki Wartooth, and Drummer Pickles. The band has a fanbase that is so devoted that they often put themselves in physical danger to see the band.   The band’s actions have attracted the attention of an “illuminati” like organization called the Tribunal, who constantly try to destroy Dethklok only to have the plan (most times literally) explode in their face. Okay now that that’s out of the way, back to the review…

The book begins with the Tribunal assigning Rockzo, the Clown Assassin, the task of murdering Dethklok, who have just learned that spray-painting homeless people with the band’s logo is not a proper way to promote their new album. Outside Dethklok Headquarters, Alliance of the Serpent member Putmanitingo Schogenhoffen has cast the spell tearing a hole in the universe and sending the band into the world of The Goon. The band doesn’t realize anything is wrong until their cable is out, which starts them on a quest for booze until the TV is fixed. Along the way they meet the cast of Eric Powell’s The Goon, who confuse the band for women. Unfortunately, Rockzo the Clown has followed them and is on a murderous rampage. Only the Goon and the power of Metal can stop him.

The book literally could be a lost episode of Metalocalypse, thanks to the co-writing of series creator Brandon Small. I like how Eric Powell combines the art style of the cartoon with his trademark gray tinged quirky style that he uses on The Goon. I love how the separate styles are used to indicate the separate universes. The book is funny as hell due to the black, over the top, and gruesome humor found on the show. As for the Goon sections, I don’t follow the book so I really can’t evaluate that section, but one can’t help but laugh as the characters of Powell’s world react to the band and their antics. Finally, for all you continuity buffs out there, Dethklok (in their absurd and obscene manner) don’t even bother try to place it and go so far as to perform a song for hardcore comic book fans.

If you love comics and Adult Swim this is the book for you. I hope Dethklok returns to make comics more “metal” very soon. Now, if only we could get a Venture Brothers comic. 

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