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Wednesday November 5, 2008 8:26 pm

Review: DC Comics’ Justice Society of America #20

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Since it began, Geoff John’s “Justice Society of America” has not been as good as his previous run on the “JSA” title.  “Justice Society of America” has been good, but not great.  Still Justice Society has been a lot better than some of the crap that’s been out there from the big two companies.

One of the reasons I think it hasn’t been as good is because the pace has been a lot slower.  Geoff has done a lot of explaining of who all of these characters are.  I enjoy character development and feel it is important to telling a good story.  However, this is a superhero comic book.  You need some action.  During the “One World, Under Gog” story arc that is currently unfolding, I believe John’s has “kicked it up a notch” to quote Emeril Lagasse

During this story arc we have seen the return of Gog to the DC universe.  Since his arrival Gog has stated that he is here to help humanity and the world.  The Justice Society is obviously wary of the situation.  To prove that he is here to help, Gog cures, Starman‘s “mental illness,” cured Damage‘s face, and sent the homesick Power Girl back home to Earth 2.

During the Justice Society Annual, we saw Earth 2 the way we remember it prior to the first Crisis.  It made us readers wonder - is Power Girl really back?  Was Earth 2 never destroyed?  No and no.  With issue #20, which picks up where the annual left off, we find out that this Earth 2 is, in fact, the new Earth 2 that was created after the end of “52”.  According to the now sane Starman, the original multiverse was destroyed, but there is now a new one.  The splash page in this issue shows the different universes that exist.  Like the previous multiverse, there is a world where the Charlton Comics heroes live and the world of the Freedom Fighters.  But if you read the last issue of “52” you know this already.

This issue was very good and hints are made that we will be seeing the heroes of Earth 2 once again.  Also, we know that the original Earth 2 Superman died during Infinite Crisis and that the new Earth 2 Power Girl has been looking for him.  We are told that that Superman is not the Superman of the new Earth and that their Superman may still be alive somewhere.  So a new Earth 2 Superman may be making his way into the pages of DC Comics. 

The cliffhanger was great.  Seeing that a version of his daughter Jade is alive on the new Earth 2, a still grieving Alan Scott asks Mr. Terrific who saw a version of his dead wife alive and well living on Earth 2, if they can ask Gog to bring their versions of their loved ones back to life.

I’m really curious to see where this goes.  I don’t think these characters will return from the dead.  But how will it end Evidently a new lineup of the Justice Society will be born after this storyline.  Will some heroes die?  Will others leave the team because they didn’t get what they wanted?  Geoff Johns is currently the best writer in comics today.  Between this title, Green Lantern, Booster Gold, and Action Comics, DC has been a lot more fun and interesting for me than Marvel.  As much as I love him on DC, I would love to see what Geoff could do over in Marvel.  Maybe he could make Spider-man and the X-men comics worth reading again.



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