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Monday December 14, 2009 8:42 pm

Return of Bruce Wayne

Posted by David Torres Categories: Editorials, DC Comics,

Return of Bruce Wayne It was announced a few days ago that Bruce Wayne would finally be coming back as beginning in April 2010. The event will take place in a min-series entitled Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne and it will be written by Grant Morrison. I’m very happy that Bruce Wayne will be returning, but I’m curious as to why both he and Captain America are through the exact chain of events in their lives right now. Both characters saw their side kicks resurrected (Jason Todd and Buck); both were “killed off”; both characters saw side kicks take over the mantle for them (Dick Grayson and Bucky); both are stuck in the past; and both are now trying to make their ways back to the present. What gives? Who’s copying who?

Well the idea of resurrecting Jason Todd began during the Hush storyline in 2002, but we didn’t see Jason return until 2005. The return of Bucky began around the same time in 2005 as well. Steve was killed in early 2007 and Bruce was killed in late 2008. It was revealed a few months ago that Steve was stuck in time, but Bruce was revealed to be stuck in the past at the end of at the beginning of the year. Since we are fans, we are not privy to which company came up with which idea first, but if it were me, I would try to do something a bit different with my company’s character. Also, what good is it for the fans? They will buy it nonetheless, but is it really that interesting to have the same exact thing happen to two iconic characters? What happens when they return?

We can see from the February solicitations that both Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes will be in their respective Captain America outfits. Does Bucky change his name and keep the costume? There’s only one Captain America. It’s not like the Flash where you now have three different men running around the DC universe calling themselves the . Will there be two men running around the DC Universe calling themselves Batman? Again, there is only one Batman and I hope DC does not do the same thing. It would really start to become laughable if we see Steve and Bucky as Captain America and Bruce and Dick as Batman.

I doubt DC will have two Batmen – they can’t, but what of Dick Grayson? Does he really go back to be being Nightwing again? I almost think now that he’s been Batman, he’s outgrown that title. But if he’s not Nightwing, who is he? Maybe he’ll die in an attempt to rescue Bruce from being lost in time. There have been hints of Dick being killed off before, maybe DC will go through with it.

And where does that leave Tim and Damian? Again, I can’t see Tim going back to being Robin now that he’s Red Robin, but I really don’t want to see Damian as Robin with Bruce. I’ve mentioned this before, and I’ve said I would like to see it be revealed that Damian is not really Bruce’s son. I really don’t care for the character and I would like to see him made into a villain and not hero. I would have him go back to Ras’ al Ghul and have him be his sidekick. I would put Tim back with Bruce, but keep him in the Red Robin outfit. I wouldn’t kill off Dick. I would actually have him retire and marry Barbara. I would pair them up and have them manage the Outsiders away from Bruce. Keep it just Bruce and Tim. Tim is truly the heir to the Bat-mantle in my opinion. He’s slowly becoming much more of a darker character like his mentor. However, it would make for a dark and depressing book with those two together.

So I sit and wait to see what DC and Grant Morrison have in store for us. In an interview about the upcoming mini-series, Grant Morrison said that this is simply the latest chapter in a definitive epic he’s been trying to accomplish with the character since 2005. Since this is simply the latest chapter, then there is a lot more to come. I’ve been disappointed by Mr. Morrison’s work on the character prior to the launch of the monthly title. His work on that book has truly been epic, so I hope he continues that level of excellence in this upcoming mini-series and with the stories to come. Welcome back, Bruce. I missed ya.



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