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Sunday September 30, 2012 2:57 am

Quote Of The Day: Dan Mishkin on Amethyst

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, DC Comics,

Amethyst“With the mini-Amethyst boom that’s going on right now, I’ve read something like the following a couple of times this week: 'In the 1980s, DC Comics invented Amethyst to try to tap into a girl audience.' Which manages to make the company sound both more creative and more crass than the reality I remember.

To clarify: DC didn’t invent Amethyst, Gary Cohn and Ernie Colón and I did; and no one at DC was telling writers and artists back then to come up with a way of reaching a girl audience.

But where the folks at DC—Jenette Kahn and Paul Levitz in particular—deserve huge credit is in the fact that they supported Amethyst even though they knew it had *very little chance* of selling well in the comics market of the time.

Far from expecting a huge influx new readers, they published Amethyst because they believed in our story…and they believed that young girls too deserved a chance to discover comics that spoke to their lives. All in all, not a bad way to run a comic book company.”

- Dan Mishkin, from his Facebook page

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[Artwork: Amethyst]



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