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Wednesday January 14, 2009 8:25 am

President-elect Obama To Team-Up With Spider-man

Barack Obama and Spider-Man

USA Today recently got the scoop about the latest issue of The Amazing Spider-Man #583, appearing on store shelves today.  In the issue, Spider-Man gets to team up with the next President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama.  The story penned by Zeb Wells, Todd Nauck, and Frank D’Armata will depict the Chameleon trying to thwart Obama’s inauguration.  The issue will be sold for a cover price of $3.99, and the limited-edition cover by artist, Phil Jimenez, will be limited to half the printing run.

Preview panels from USA Today show Obama going up to Spider-Man and performing a legendary fist-bump to end all fist-bumps as Obama expresses his fandom and support for Spider-Man.  Reflecting on the incident, Spider-Man thinks, “I can’t shake the feeling that if I hadn’t showed up, he would have handled the Chameleon all by himself.  Guess it’s time to head back to New York.  It looks like Washington is in capable hands.”  Joe Quesada, Editor-In-Chief of Marvel Comics, was excited about Obama having a cameo in a Spider-Man comic after the President-Elect said he was a fan of Spider-Man in an Entertainment Weekly pop-culture survey.  Obama’s then opponent, Senator John McCain, only mentioned liking Batman, the flagship character of Marvel publishing rival, DC Comics.

The mainstream media outlets and the overt love over Obama getting elected is hardly a secret.  But this appearance just feels so blatantly overt with Spidey basically hero-worshiping Obama in the story.  Yeah, Obama could’ve handled Chameleon because everyone knows Obama has had training sessions with Captain America like Spider-Man.  Also, if I was Spider-Man, I would be telling him to watch out for Norman Osborn, who is now in charge of HAMMER in the Marvel Universe in the fallout of Secret Invasion.  Just saying, if Obama trusts Spider-Man and the admiration is for real, “Mr. President, the guy in charge of HAMMER is a psychopath and admitted former super-villain that’s killed a ton of people.  Might want to do something about that.” 

Just saying.

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