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Tuesday September 15, 2009 11:44 am

Preacher Film Inches Along

Posted by Robin Paulson Categories: Interviews, Movies, DC Comics,

Preacher -- will it or won't it be a film?Considering that it’s been a year since director Sam Mendes spoke of the long-awaited Preacher adaptation, I’m not sure if I should count on seeing the film completed in my lifetime. There is, however, a somewhat glimmer of hope in the matter.

“It’s getting closer. I’ve seen a script and it’s very good. We’re a little further down the road than when I last spoke to you,” Mendes told Empire

He’s seen a script?! Well, that just quells all my doubts. Then again, I can’t blame the guy—Preacher would be a tough act to translate to film.

Let’s hope that it helps that he’s a fan of the novel: “It’s funny, it’s violent as hell, it’s extremely blasphemous and profane, but it has an amazingly skilful tone. I met Garth Ennis, and I’m just a huge fan of it.”

Despite seeing a script, the adaptation will still rest on the back burner, as Joseph O’Neill’s Netherland is the next project at his plate.

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