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Thursday February 5, 2009 12:09 pm

LOST Review 2/4/09

Posted by David Torres Categories: Reviews, Television,


Answers are given, as more questions arise in just another episode of “LOST”.  Last night’s episode is entitled, “The Little Prince”.  When I read that this would be the name of tonight’s episode, I thought of the classic French children’s book “The Little Prince”.  Whether tonight’s episode is somehow related to that story, I’m not sure as I’ve never read it.  If there is a “little prince” in this episode it’s Aaron as he is one of the focal points of tonight’s episode.

In this episode, we again have the goings on of the LOST characters who have left the island and those who are still on it.  On the island we have Locke, Sawyer, Juliet, Daniel, Charlotte, and Miles jumping through time; off the island we have Ben and Jack trying to get everyone back to the island.

If you don’t want to be spoiled - walk away now….........

So Charlotte developed a nose bleed and collapsed in last week’s episode. We aren’t given answers to that, but more of a theory as Daniel believes that because they’ve all been jumping through time, their inner “clock” is off. Sounds plausible, but we still aren’t sure.

Kate meets up with the lawyer who visited her and wanted her to provide blood samples to prove that she is the mother of Aaron. He refuses to tell her who his client is that’s behind this.

Jack and Sayid are still in the hospital and someone comes after Sayid in his hospital room. He has the same dart gun that the last hitmen had in the premiere episode. Sayid asks the hit man who he’s working for and the hitman tells him that the answer is in his pocket. It’s an address - Kate’s home address. Jack calls Kate and meets up with her. She’s waiting to follow the lawyer she visited with to see who his client is that wants proof of Aaron’s parentage.

In another sly, move by the writers we are led to believe that the client is Aaron’s grandmother, but we then find out that the client is actually Ben!  Is this a part of Ben’s plan to get everyone together to go back to the island, or is there some other motive here?

On the island, the Losties keep moving through time. They jump to the day when the hatch is opened at the end of the first season. Locke realizes this and takes them away from the light.  Locke believes they need to go to the Orchid station to find some answers.  On their way to the Orchid, they head to their camp.on the beach.  While on the beach, they notice some boats. They decide to use these boats to get to the Orchid station. As they are paddling, they are shot at by people in another boat. As this happens, they jump through time again. They then arrive during a time on the island where it’s now night and raining.

We then jump to a group of French people in a raft who maybe there along with the Losties during this time period on the island as it’s night and raining. The French people come across a man floating in the water on a piece of wood - it’s Jin. They get to the island and as morning arrives, Jin wakes up. One of the French people is a woman - a pregnant French woman named Danielle Rouseau.  The same Rouseau we’ve seen through out the show only she is younger and pregnant with her daughter Alex.

As I said answers are given: Ben is the man threatening Kate about Aaron; Jin is alive; and more questions arise: who were the people shooting at the Losties on the island? Are they the same people who were shooting arrows at them in the earlier episode?

Another question I have is the hitmen. Who are they working for? I got to assume Charles Widmore. The assassin last night had Kate’s address. Could Widmore be trying to kidnap the Losties that are off the island the same way Ben wants them all to go back to prevent whatever will happen in the 70 something hours that Ms Hawking told Ben he has left?

I’m happy that Jin is alive - I had a feeling that he would be. The relationship between he and Sun has developed into a great ongoing storyline. To go from the brink of divorce and the attitude Jin had towards Sun, to the deep love you see that these characters have for each other is amazing. It’s a testament to the writing as much of their story has been told to us in a different language which can sometimes be a barrier.

I still have no idea what this is all really about.  This is something else that I love about the show, and that it’s all still a mystery to me.  What is this island and what is all of this about?

This is the fifth season of “LOST”.  We have one more to go and both of these seasons are shorter than a normal televison season.  For me it feels like when you are eating ice cream and you are loving every bit of it, but you are getting close to the bottom and it’s almost done you dread the end, but love the journey.  I don’t think there has ever been a show for me like this that I’m so hoping when all is said and done it’s good and I’m satisfied with the ending.  Lets just hope that when “LOST” does come to an end, the finale is not an episode like the finale of “Seinfeld”.  Ugh!

See you next week for the episode entitled, “This Place Is Death”.



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