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Wednesday February 11, 2009 9:07 pm

LOST Review 2/11/09

Posted by David Torres Categories: Reviews, Television,


So have I told you before that “LOST” is freakin’ awesome?!  I know I did, but I just want to say it again “LOST” is freakin’ AWESOME!!!!!

Wednesday night’s episode was entitled “This place is death”.  When we last left the show, everyone was jumping around through time and we were shown that our old friend Jin had survived the explosion of the boat.  To his surprise as he makes it back to the island and that he has been rescued by some French people and a young pregnant woman who is with them is named Danielle Rousseau.

Tonight’s episode picks up right where we left off.  Spoilers…................

Well tonight’s episode lives up to it’s name of “This place is death” as another “LOST” character bites the dust. Well, I thought it was going to be Penny who dies… knowing “LOST” that’s still possible, but I read on spoiler site that a female character would be dying soon. That female character is Charlotte. I liked the character of Charlotte, but I was not a big fan of the so-called romance that was developing between her and Daniel. I don’t know, but for me I didn’t get the same feeling I got for Jack and Kate or Sun and Jin that I did for Daniel and Charlotte. I know the other characters have been on longer and their relationships have developed over time, but I believe Jeremy Davies who plays Daniel Faraday didn’t make me believe the strong love that he supposedly felt her.

One of the interesting things that was revealed before her death was that Charlotte lived on the island prior to her getting there on the boat with Daniel and the others. When it seemed that it had been hinted that Charlotte had been on the island prior to her arrival, I started to think that maybe she was the little girl Annie who we saw that a young Benjamin Linus had a crush on in the flashbacks of the season 3 episode “The Man Behind the Curtain”. The little girl also had red hair I believe. I guess we’ll find out sometime later.

In the beginning of tonight’s episode, we find out that it was the Smoke Monster that killed Rousseau’s party. We also find out that the year is 1988.  The island is jumping through time at a faster pace and Jin reunites with Locke and company. He joins them as they make their way to the Orchid station. Before they get to the station, Charlotte is unable to continue and she is left behind with Daniel to watch over her. She tells Jin that Sun must not come back to the island because she will die if she does. Interestingly enough, someone told Charlotte before she left the island as a little girl to never come back as she will die - she believes that man was Daniel. That’s plausible as we saw in the beginning of this season Daniel indeed travel back in time to the island. This must have been after Charlotte’s death and that’s why he tried to tell her younger self to not go back.

The Losties realize that since they are traveling through time, the Orchid might not be there. Charlotte tells them to look for a well. The well is there and Locke believes that he must go down in order to get off the island. Jin gives Locke his wedding ring and tells him not to bring Sun back. He tells Locke to tell her that he is dead. A time shift happens and Locke falls down the well. He injures himself and lying there he sees Christian, Jack’s father.

It seems that Locke was the one who should have turned the wheel to move the island and not Ben. Whether Ben knew this and intentionally messed up is unknown, but the wheel is stuck. Locke needs to fix it and as he does a time shift happens. Christian tells Locke to say hello to his son - Locke doesn’t know that Christian’s son is Jack.  I’m sure there will be some significance to that.

While off the island, Jack and Ben go with Sun to see Elouise Hawking aka Daniel’s mother. There they meet up with Desmond as we know he was searching for her as well. She wants everyone to return, but announces that those who are here for now will have to do. For what?! What will she be doing? How are she and Ben connected? Viewers are left with these questions, but I feel this episode gave a lot of answers and I was very satisfied.

Also, how is Christian Shepard mixed in with all this? Was he apart of Dharma back in the day? Is he really Jacob in disguise? Why do they have to go back and of course what the hell is this island all about? This season so far has been great, but this episode just really made me smile and say out loud, “damn this is good”.

Next week’s episode is entitled “316”. Elouise is showing everyone how the island was found and how there are “windows” that provide a route back. Jack and Kate are kissing and she says that she’ll go back with him. See you next week.



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