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Tuesday May 29, 2012 1:59 am

Kickstarter: The Garlicks by Lea Hernandez

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Independent,

GarlicksI love funny stuff and after reading about Lea Hernandez’s new Kickstarter program for her graphic novel, The Garlicks, I knew I wanted it.

According to Lea’s PR material, The Garlicks is “a webcomic/graphic novel about a vampire girl, for girls.” But guys apparently dig it too and it’s a lot of fun. You can check out some archived strips at the Garlicks website.

Lea’s going to serialize three color pages each week on her site and the Kickstarter fund is to finance those strips and the publication of the first story into a nice 148-page trade, with an introduction by Scary Godmother’s Jill Thompson.

But what is The Garlicks? Says Lea, “It’s a vampire tale, told from the POV of Pandora, a vampire with zero vampire abilities and the big sister of baby Pamila (who's usually called Ham), who seems to have gotten everything Pandora  didn't, like being able to shapeshift into an adorable flying fish and eat meat.”

Read More | The Garlicks

Shapeshift into a flying fish? I love that!

Lea’s put together a lot of great incentives for her partners (that’s us), and I know from her prior work that she’ll not only create a great story, but a beautiful book collection as well.

[Artwork: The Garlicks, © Lea Hernandez]



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