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Wednesday May 2, 2012 7:07 pm

Kickstarter: A Geek’s Journal 1976

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials,

Geek's JournalI’m a geek and I certainly was in high school.

My life was full of comics, television, and all the usual school stuff. Unfortunately, I didn’t write any of my life down at the time. But I know a guy who did: Steven Thompson, the creator of the popular pop-culture blog Booksteve’s Library, wrote it all down in 1976 and kept it up.

He recently discovered his old diary and posted it on the internet, one entry per day along with modern commentary as the author looked back on his teenaged life.

It’s a funny, fascinating look at one fan’s life, as he tries to get something going with girls, hangs out with friends, goes to concerts, buys records and comics, watches television and masturbates (yep, he goes there).

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It’s not just a snapshot of Steve’s life, it’s a archival piece of 1970s pop culture history and I think that many of his experiences, feelings and adventures are universal.

Steve’s going the Kickstarter route and wants to release his diary as an actual book. He’s adding pictures, more commentary and perspective and lots of other nifty stuff. I’m looking forward to this and having read the original blog it comes from, I can tell you it’s super-fascinating.

Since the days of his diary, Steve's gone onto a freelance writing career as a comics historian and contributes regularly to Craig Yoe's book collections.

Check out the original blog (Steve still keeps it live) and then run over the Kickstarter and kick Steve a few bucks to make this a reality.

[Artwork: A Geek’s Journal, © Steven Thompson]



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