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Monday January 9, 2012 9:01 am

Kerry Lockner’s Super Baloney

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Independent,

What do you do when you’re trying to remember the name of a long-forgotten indy comic book from the 1970s and all you can remember is that the creator’s first name might be Kerry, and he might have been from either Seattle or Portland.

Or not.

It’s a puzzle, and without Google, I’d never have pieced it together. For a long time, I didn’t even remember the “Kerry” part.

I could picture the art style, but it never led me to the name of the comics or their creator. Fortunately, over time I pieced together fragments of my brain to come up with the guy’s first name, and then went hunting.

I figured he had to have a web presence - any cartoonist still working would have that. He didn't.

After a while, googling 'Kerry' and 'Portland' and 'comix,' I stumbled across a blog called Midnight Ramblings from Richard Krauss. He did a post called Whatever Happened To Kerry Lockner?

And it all clicked into place. Fortunately, he also posted some of Kerry’s comics from the ‘70s and they - Super Baloney and Sundae Funnies - looked just as great as I remembered them. I think I had ordered all of them at once from an ad in an old issue of The Buyer's Guide For Comic Fandom. Over the years and as a result of several moves, they've long since disappeared, so it was a great treat to see bits of them again in Richard's post.

What a fantastically original style Lockner had. Richard had some background info on their origins which was all new to me, but no idea whatever became of the cartoonist. The post is from 2009 and there were no updates that I could find.

Run over to the site and look for the post (scroll down a little), and see what you think about Kerry’s work.

Three cheers to you Krauss and Google! And if anyone ever finds out what happened to Kerry, let me know. I hope he’s still drawing.

[Artwork: Super Baloney, © Kerry Lockner]



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