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Monday October 19, 2009 5:46 pm

Joss Whedon Only Has Eyes For The Walking Dead

Joss Whedon at this year's San Diego Comic Con

The lovable and very talented comic book geek-turned-television genius known as Joss Whedon has his hands so full with his latest show Dollhouse that he has only enough time to read one comic book series: The Walking Dead.

“That is the only comic I still read—literally. paced myself because it was deep into the trades by then and I only let myself buy one trade a week, for a few weeks before I broke down because it was my favorite soap opera.”

Then again, who can resist a never-ending zombie apocalyptic story? I sure can’t.

So what does the series writer, Robert Kirkman have to say about having Whedon as a fan?

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“That’s way awesome. I really respect Joss’s work and he’s done all kinds of fantastic stuff with Buffy and Angel and I love that Serenity movie. And I just bought Dollhouse on DVD. It’s really validating to know that someone whose work you admire is reading your work.”

Does that mean we’ll be seeing a Joss-directed episode for the upcoming television adaptation on AMC? As much as I want it to happen, I fear that my TV will implode from such an epic, supreme collaboration.



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