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Monday November 9, 2009 12:34 am

John Cusack Possibly Aiming For Preacher Role

Posted by Robin Paulson Categories: Movies, DC Comics,

John Cusack aiming to be in Preacher?I know that it’s been quite awhile, but remember how Sam Mendes saw a script for the film adaptation of Preacher? Apparently John Cusack wants in on it, and he seems like a pretty smart dude to be doing so.

When doing his interview rounds for 2012, Cusack was asked about if he would consider doing a comic book film (‘cause, you know, everyone’s a superhero these days). Despite his lackluster response (or knowledge) of comic books, he equivocally spoke about a film that he had been chasing that sounded awfully familiar.

“Yeah, I can [see certain comic books being made into film], there was one or two that I heard of that sounded really cool. One of them was about, I think… it’s a vampire and a killer, and they’re on the road, and it’s this really strange story. I thought that sounded pretty cool. Also some of the obscure ones, I don’t know if there are any more superheroes left… I think it might have been Preacher.”

When asked which character he would wish to portray, he said “either the vampire or the priest. One of those two guys.”

I don’t know about you, but I think that he’d make an amazing Arseface.

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