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Wednesday December 17, 2008 8:21 pm

“Heroes” Break

Posted by Joel Rosenberg Categories: Editorials, Television,


We have season finales, New Year’s breaks, Thanksgiving breaks, and now volume breaks. So what do we make of “Heroes”?

Before Skylar signs unto the Enterprise, we have him gaining new powers every week. Eventually, they would have the same problem that they had with Superman of years past in that he was too powerful and it was hard coming up with villains that could give him a run for his money. So, if you temporarily kill him (thanks Hayden) maybe you better chop up the body or something so he doesn’t pull a Jason and keep rising from the dead. And how many people does he have to kill before redeeming himself? And why kill Ellie even after she gave him her powers plus benefits?

There seem to be lots of people with powers, but why do they have to kill off all the Wire veterans?  Frozen Omar and Vortex Bubbles. Shame. They really don’t have to introduce new power people every week and hopefully in Vol 4, Civil Heroes… sorry Fugitives they can concentrate on a core group. But if the serum gave out random powers how come Peter got his back? And why don’t they mention Peter’s greatest power in that a 31-year-old guy could convince a now 18 Hayden Panettiere to marry him? In those “Cheers” conversations when it got around to which super power you’d like to have, this one never came up, but I wouldn’t have minded having it many moons ago.
But as a lead into next season it was fine. Still, if we have Mr. Sulu and Lt Worf on board now and Skylar heading for outer space who in the Star Trek universe can we expect?



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