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Monday November 22, 2010 2:13 am

Firebreather: Phil Hester, Andy Kuhn And Peter Chung

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Movies, Television, Image Comics,

Firebreather Variant CoverNovember looks like it was quite the month for Phil Hester (and Andy Kuhn).

It began with the announcement that writer J. Michael Straczynski would be stepping down as the writer of Wonder Woman (and Superman) for DC Comics. That same announcement was accompanied by the notice that Phil Hester would be the new writer on WW, effective with Wonder Woman #605. Sweet.

On November 24 (this week, by the way, mark your calendars), Cartoon Network is debuting a brand new animated movie based on Firebreather, the Image Comics series Hester co-created and writes for artist and co-creator Andy Kuhn to draw.

Writing at his blog, Kuhn posted of the film: “It's incredible. I knew the story and I still got caught up.” It’s nice to see creators pleased with an adaptation of their work!

If you want a peek, check out this Firebreather trailer at the Cartoon Network website. The movie was written by Jim Krieg (Ben 10, Batman: The Brave And The Bold) and directed by Peter Chung (Aeon Flux; Animatrix). It looks like something we all need to be checking. Make the appointment, old-school style with your TV or just set the DVR.

FirebreatherAnd finally, Image Comics is launching a new Firebreather mini-series by Hester and Kuhn: Firebreather Vol. 3: Holmgang #1. It was supposed to debut in December, but it’s shipping early (on November 24, same day as the Cartoon Network movie; see, it can be done DC) and will include a variant cover tying into the movie.

Congratulations all around. I hope the movie moves a lot of copies. Firebreather is one of those gems that more people should be reading. (For those keeping score, Image publishes three of my favorite comics: Firebreather, The Walking Dead, and Chew.)

Disclosure: I was Phil’s editor on a couple of projects back in the day.

[Artwork: Firebreather Vol 3: Holmgang #1 Variant Cover based on the Firebreather animated movie (top); Firebreather by Andy Kuhn, a piece that was floating around CCI 2010 on behalf of the CBLDF and Things From Another World, © Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn]



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