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Sunday December 7, 2008 10:27 pm

Emma Frost and the aftermath of Secret Invasion

Posted by David Torres Categories: Editorials, Marvel Comics,

Emma Frost

The Marvel Comics mega-event “Secret Invasion” was very good.  It won’t go down as one of the greatest in my opinion, but it was still very good.  I think it’ll work better as a collected trade because the story seemed less episodic than limited series of the past. 

To those of you who do not know the ending of “Secret Invasion,” do not read any further, but for those who have let’s discuss the aftermath - particularly Emma Frost the White Queen.

For some time now, Emma Frost has been a hero. She was originally introduced in “Uncanny X-men” #129 as the White Queen of the Hellfire Club. She was a major X-Men villain for a good while. That all changed when Emma became co-headmaster of the Massachusetts Academy that housed the teenage super-hero team: Generation X. The team were junior X-Men so to speak. A continuation that began with the New Mutants.

Later, under Grant Morrison’s run on the X-Men, she joined the X-Men and seduced Scott Summers (Cyclops) into having a psychic affair with her. Before the resolution could be made between Scott, Emma, and Jean Grey (Phoenix) Scott’s wife, Jean was killed by the Xorn/Magneto character.

After Jean’s death, Scott decided to begin dating Emma Frost. I have ALWAYS hated this and it was one of the reasons I stopped reading the X-men books. Emma’s “transformation” into being a hero was never believable to me. Even though her bitchy attitude was the same, I still felt that she didn’t fit in with the X-Men. I also felt the affair and betrayal of Jean was wrong and disrespectful to the characters’ long standing history together. So when I saw that Emma was apart of that cabal at the end of “Secret Invasion,” I was excited to see that the old Emma may be coming back.

I always felt Emma worked best as a villain in the X-Men comics. It’s like when Marvel tried to reform Magneto and have him join the X-Men, he stuck out like a sore thumb and it looked ridiculous. Here is the X-Men’s greatest enemy who had done horrible things in the past to them and the world, now being forgiven and asked to join the X-Men.

I will be very happy if Emma does go back to being a villain. Maybe this is part of a set-up by Marvel in bringing Jean back from the dead.  Emma stands as a betrayer and just as she looks like she will be victorious over the X-Men, Jean returns and kicks her butt. The new mega-event that comes out of “Secret Invasion” is called “Dark Reign”. I’m assuming it will focus on how this secret cabal of Norman Osborn, Emma Frost, Dr. Doom, Loki, The Hood, and Namor will be working to take over the world I guess.

After “Dark Reign,” I would like to see Emma Frost become the main villain for the X-Men. I would retire Magneto and Professor X.  I would make the focus of the X-books be about Scott vs. Emma.  I was all about the X-Men for years.  I really hope this is the start of a new direction for the X-books.  A new start and some good stories.



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