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Saturday October 16, 2010 2:02 am

Doug Wright’s Nipper Vs. Amazon

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Reviews, Independent,


I've been reading that Nipper, the first collection of Doug Wright's cartoons, is out from Drawn & Quarterly and already getting some nice notice.

Nipper's a "mischievous little kid" who appeared in newspapers across the country in the mid 20th century." D&Q's Nipper 1963-64 is the first of what the publisher plans as a long-running series of books collecting Wright's classic.

There's a preview of it (pdf) at the D&Q website that offers a nice taste of Wright.

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Since Doug is Canadian, he might as well be from Outer Space for all the presence and attention his work garners in the US.

But this book looks great, sounds greater, and Wright is such a master cartoonist, they've named a cartooning award after him.

I went to Amazon to order my copy, and the great thing about Amazon is that they make a lot of helpful computer-generated suggestions to aid you in filling your shopping cart to avoid that shipping charge for orders under $25. Their suggestions for me based on my interest in Doug Wright's work?

A Boy, a Dog, and a Frog, a book by Mercer Mayer; the Fiskars 7936 PowerGear Pruner; and the Flexees Women's Instant Slimmer Firm Control Waistnipper. So if I like Doug Wright's cartoons, I might also like a children's book, a pair of pruners, and some women's undergarments.

Because I'm a childish, transvestite gardener, of course. Congratulations, Amazon Suggestobot, your work here is done!

[Artwork: Cover to Nipper, © Doug Wright]



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