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Monday August 31, 2009 3:04 pm

Disney Buys Marvel for $4 Billion

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Iron Man scene at the Walt Disney Concert Hall an early sign?

As if Disney didn’t own much of our childhood already, the media conglomerate has now spent an estimated $4 billion to acquire Marvel Entertainment, marking the deal as its largest since attaining Pixar in 2006.

Of the whopping $4 billion the company shelled out to obtain the comic book powerhouse, Chief Financial Officer Tom Staggs points out that any great venture is worth the price tag: “You can’t expect to pay a bargain price for premium assets. Marvel is worth more inside Disney than outside Disney.”

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That’s still quite a wad of cash, though, especially considering companies all across the board have been squirreling away their millions (and billions) in this current economy.

Disney Chief Executive Robert Iger, however,  affirms the company’s faith in Marvel: “They’re not bulletproof. They are not immune from the changes that we’re seeing, but they have established a footing that we think is more solid than what you typically see in the nonbranded non-character driven movie.”

Ever since the news hit the internet this morning, Twitter has been bombarded with comments of the deal.

Chew artist Rob Guillory said, “Personally, I think a Disney/CHEW buyout would’ve been a more obvious combo. But what do I know? Picture Tony Chu nibbling on Mickey Mouse to find out the location of Walt Disney’s frozen head. Magic.”

Kevin Smith gives kudos to @BrianLynch for the Disney-Marvel jokes: “RT @BrianLynch First Disney/Marvel collaboration: Hannah Montana refuses to reveal secret identity, goes to war with Iron Man.”

Artist Mike Getty jests, “Norman Osborn was immediately replaced by Scrooge McDuck, the new leader of the Quack Avengers.”



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