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Thursday May 28, 2009 9:39 pm

DC Comics Review: Justice Society of America #27

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This month’s issue of the “Justice Society of America” (JSA) is the first issue of the post-Geoff Johns era. Comic book veteran Jerry Ordway is writing and penciling a two-part story prior to the new writing team of Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges come on board in July. Many fans of this title were sad to hear the news of Geoff Johns exit and I’ve been hesitant to continue collecting this title as many times when a popular writer leaves a book, the quality of that title drops. Geoff Johns work on “Teen Titans” was great and that book hasn’t been the same since he left.

I’ve just finished reading this month’s issue and I’m happy to say that at least with what Ordway has done with this here, the quality of writing for this book has not gone down. The story finds founding JSA members Green Lantern (Alan Scott), Flash (Jay Garrick), and Wildcat along with fellow member Liberty Belle trapped within the JSA headquarters at the hands of Alan Scott’s son Obsidian.  Has Obsidian gone insane once again or is truly doing this to protect the members of the JSA.

Lets find out…

Green Lantern uses his power ring to break the hold Obsidian has over the JSA head quarters. Unfortunately for the four JSA members, Obsidian was telling the truth and they are sent to someplace in between life and the afterlife. There they meet Kung who is a retcon Golden Age villain who fought for Japan during WW II. He was killed during the bombing of Hiroshima at the end of WW II. Seeking revenge, he transports the four JSA members along with Hourman to the moment the bomb is dropped and it seems that they are caught in the blast.

Outside the JSA headquarters, a civilian bystander transfers a strange entity into her body. When Obsidian’s shield is down, she is able to send this realm in between life and the afterlife. As they discuss a way to save them, The Spectre arrives to assist them and the story ends there.

I’ve been reading the JSA since the previous David Goyer/Geoff Johns title. I’ve become a big fan of the JSA and the history of the characters. It’s great how DC has been able to devlop this team and these characters over the years. I love that they have a core group of veterans who have been around since the very beginning and then they have the legacy characters who are developing into their own as established characters within the DC universe.

I love Stargirl. I think Stargirl has the potential to be a great strong female character who can be at the forefront on par with Wonder Woman. Although I like the character of Atom Smasher, if they are going to pair Stargirl with someone, I would rather see them pair her with Captain Marvel. 

DC has been lucky as they have had numerous legacy characters debut, take over from the predecessors, and become as popular if not more than so - of course until someone at DC decides to bring back the previous character (Hal Jordan; Barry Allen). Whatever the case I love the JSA characters and I hope that when Willingham and Sturges take over the book, they can create some great stories and continue the development of the old and new characters working together. You’ve got a good thing going here DC. Don’t drop the ball on this one. Now if they could only do something about the Justice League.



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