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Saturday October 10, 2009 11:47 pm

DC Comics Review: Justice League: Cry for Justice #4

Posted by David Torres Categories: Reviews, DC Comics,

Justice4Rating: ***

A nice improvement from last month’s issue, which I was really disappointed in, but this month we see a nice improvement in the story.  However, still not enough to knock my socks off.  Our story opens up with Hal’s splinter Justice League group recovering from Clayface blowing himself up.  They decide to leave and go interrogate another villain to see what Prometheus is up to.  Following them is none other than Batwoman.  It was announced that Batwoman would be part of this team and she finally makes her appearance.  Things are moving a bit too slow for me.

Our story moves over to Paris where Congorilla and Starman Mikaal Tomas are battling it out with two Z level characters named Penny Dreadful and Arak.  Both are working for Prometheus and Arak confesses to assisting Prometheus in the killing of the gorillas in Africa and kidnapping Congorilla’s gorilla friend, Malavar.  Congorilla is ready to kill them, but Starman stops him.  Penny kills Arak for betraying Prometheus and Mikaal kills Penny as she tries to kill Congorilla.  Mikaal is ashamed that his deceased lover Tony would not have approved of what he just did.  Congorilla comforts him, but also states that the trail for Prometheus has gone cold.

I’m sure it’s gotten back to them that Hal and the others are torturing these low-level criminals in order to get information on Prometheus.  The Atom is shrinking down to microscopic size and entering their brain to give them severe sinus headaches.  Hardly torture in my opinion.  When you start cutting off fingers, that’s when I think you’re torturing someone, but I don’t want to get into a political discussion here.

A side plot developing in this issue seems to be the attraction that Supergirl has for Shazam.  I think this is a great idea to pair these two up.  I’d love to see Freddie become a supporting character in the Superman universe.  How funny would it be for Superman to act like a “big brother” and be over-protective of Kara and not want her to date Freddie.  A lot of potential there that a good writer could really have some fun with.

A weird thing that was pointed out to me was the fact that Firestorm, who we see on the final page, looks more like the Ronnie Raymond Firestorm than the Jason Rusch Firestorm.  Maybe just a mistake on the creative team’s part or this story takes place after Blackest Night and Ronnie becomes a part of Firestorm again during Blackest Night.

Also no Prometheus in this issue.  He was the best thing in last month’s issue.  Would have liked to have seen his story developed more here.

Whatever the case this was a pretty good issue with some amazing art work by Mauro Cascioli.  James Robinson’s run begins on the main Justice League comic later this month.  I’ll check it out.  Wondering how this series will tie in with his first issue.  I recommend this issue more for the art work than the story.  Only the hardcore JLA fans need apply for this series so far.



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