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Saturday October 24, 2009 10:56 pm

DC Comics Review: Blackest Night: Superman #3

Posted by David Torres Categories: Reviews, DC Comics,

BNSuperman3Rating: *** 1/2*

Blackest Night comes to end for Superman this week - at least for now. Issue three of Blackest Night: Superman is a lot of fun - this whole series has been fun. As I mentioned in a previous issue, sometimes the most simple plots can be the most fun. All you need to know is that the Black Lanterns are resurrecting the dead in the DC Universe, and they are attacking the living. It’s Night of the Living Dead meets the world of superheroes - what more can you ask for?

Writer James Robinson did a very good job with this one. Behind the story of the Black Lanterns attacking Smallville and New Krypton is the story of a family - the Superman family. I like the dynamic between Martha Kent and her sons Superman and Superboy (and of course the family dog Krypto); on the flip side, we see the difficult family relationship between Supergirl and her mother as they tackle their father/husband who has been resurrected as a Black Lantern. Great drama.

Our story jumps back and forth between the events happening in Smallville to the events on New Krypton. Kara is sad and angry over this thing that she has to fight, this thing that looks and sounds like her father. Meanwhile, Superman and Superboy fight off the Black Lanterns of Earth 2 Superman and the Psycho Pirate. The Psycho Pirate has been able to take over Superboy and make him fight Superman, but Superboy is then able to regain control of his senses use his tactile telekinesis to fight off Earth 2 Superman. Conner wants to be more like Superman, but he hasn’t been using this power because Superman lacks his own. Superman tells Conner that he must use all of his powers and be himself, to not worry about being more like Superman.

Martha Kent also battles the Black Lanterns, as she faces off against Black Lantern Earth 2 Lois Lane. She sets fire to the fields in order to burn Black Lantern Lois alive, but it doesn’t have any effect. Martha discovers the ring is the source of its power and has Krypto rip off its hand. It tries to fight back, but Krypto defeats it with heat vision.

Over on New Krypton, the Kryptonian scientists discover a way to encase the planet behind a field to prevent Black Lanterns from entering the planet. The problem is that no one on the planet will be able to leave, especially when Superman is off on Earth and won’t be able to return. Supergirl’s mother Alura doesn’t care and orders the scientist to do it - I guess this will be the new modern interpretation in regards to the city of Kandor. It’s no longer a bottled city, but a “bottled” planet. I like it. Unfortunately, the Kryptonian scientists are successful and it seems that Supergirl is trapped on New Krypton. I hope this isn’t permanent; I would prefer Kara to be on Earth with Superman and Superboy.

Conner is able to defeat the Black Lantern Psycho Pirate, and he takes his mask. He is able to use it defeat the Black Lantern Earth 2 Superman by using the mask to switch its ring off. Superman feels partially responsible for all of the destruction the Black Lanterns have caused, as he feels that if he wasn’t so busy with New Krypton, he could have fought and prevented this from escalating. Superman and Superboy decide to repair the damage to Smallville and then head out to find more answers to the Black Lantern problem, and we end there.

Great story with a lot of great comic book action. Artist Eddy Barrows did a amazing job here, and I look forward to more of his stuff down the road. Next week it’s back to the main series with Earth being evacuated and the secrets of the Blackest Night will be revealed. See you then!



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