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Thursday July 2, 2009 7:51 pm

DC Comics Review: Batman and Robin #2

Posted by David Torres Categories: Reviews, DC Comics,


Rating: ****

Wow.  I just can’t believe how much I’m enjoying Batman and Robin.  I know I’ve said this in my review for issue one, but after reading Batman: RIP and Final Crisis, I thought there is no way I would enjoy anything from Grant Morrison from here on out.  Batman and Robin #2 is a big home run for DC Comics.  I don’t know what it is, but Grant is just rocking and rolling right now.

In the last issue we saw the Circus of Strange hit Gotham City with their own weird secret agenda and here in this issue the new Batman and Robin face off against them in Gotham Police Headquarters.  The new dynamic duo also come face to face with Commissioner Gordon and he notices that this is not the old Batman and Robin that he’s known over the past few years.  He gives them a pass, but I’m not sure if he’s going to do that again as Damian takes things a little too far.

Most of this issue’s story is told in a flashback as it opens up with the new Batman Dick Grayson back at the new Batcave underneath the Wayne Foundation building.  Dick is sitting on some stairs dejected with Robin’s “R” patch at his feet.  Alfred comes in and asks what’s wrong and we flashback to Batman and Robin arriving at Gotham Police Headquarters. It’s here where Gordon as well as some of the other police officers notice something is different with the dynamic duo.

The Circus of Strange attacks and Batman and Robin go to work.  A new member of the Circus makes his debut as we see a 500lb man dressed in a tutu is a part of the gang.  Batman and Robin begin fighting the Circus’ goons which is showcased by some beautiful art work done by Frank Quitely here.  I was critical of Mr. Quitely’s art in the last issue, but he’s making me a believer in the way he draws the battle that goes on here.  Robin - Damian - heads off on his own against the fat tutu guy.  Damian is able to get the upper hand and gets a bucket over the guy’s head.  He pounds away on the bucket for a bit too long and Gordon gives Damian a warning to back off or else.  Batman stops Damian from continuing which frustrates him.  The Toad, who we were introduced to in the last issue, is dead.  Evidently the Circus were afraid of him talking too much. 

The duo head back to the cave and Dick warns Damian that there have to be limits as to what they can and can’t do.  If they go too far, they will be looked upon as criminals as well by Gordon.  Damian continues to be the biggest jerk in comics ever and puts Dick down as a cheap imitation of his father Batman.  Damian then quits and goes off to find a new mentor.  We then flashback to Dick and Alfred.

As Alfred gives Dick some words of encouragement, Damian meets up with the Circus of Strange and gets captured.  Dick jumps on a ATV Batcycle and is off to the rescue.

I wasn’t reading Batman comics when Jason Todd was Robin and fans voted to kill him off.  I know a lot of people hated him and were glad he’s dead, but I wonder how some of those fans feel now about Damian.  What a little prick.  I wonder if DC and Grant Morrison are setting things up that Damian slowly learns to be a hero more in the tradition of his father Bruce Wayne.  What I would like to see is Damian finds out that he’s not Bruce Wayne’s son and becomes a villain.  I think I’ve mentioned this before that I would love to see Jason Todd and Damian as a rogue version of Batman and Robin.  We’ll see.

Another great issue.  Can’t wait for more.



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