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Friday September 4, 2009 8:19 pm

DC Comics Review: Batman #690

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Rating: ** 1/2*

After a great first issue, this storyline continues to go downhill.  When we last left Batman, Dick was cornered by Clayface and an unknown ex-army guy, who were hired by the Black Mask to help the Penguin.  The army guy is given a name in this issue and it’s Lyle Blanco.  Blanco is a serial killer whose spent time in Arkham Asylum.  Our issue opens with Clayface and Blanco battling Batman.  I didn’t like the way Judd Winick had been writing Dick as Batman.  I felt that he portrayed Dick is kind of wimpy and unsure of himself, but I liked the way he portrayed Dick here in this fight with Blanco and Clayface.  He was confident and sure of his abilities that he could take these guys down.  This is the way Batman should be.  Kicking butt.

We see also in this issue Two-Face recruiting a young girl who can perform magic whom he looks to recruit in his efforts to find out more about the new Batman.  He shows her a batarang that he was able to get his hands on and asks her if she can use it to find out where it comes from.  Sort of use it as a tracer to locate the new Batman’s hideout.

The Penguin thanks the Black Mask for his assistance, but the Black Mask turns on him and kills the Penguin’s men. He then tells the Penguin that he works for him now. 

Alfred assists Dick in this issue by working from the Bunker to control the Batmobile and help with the fight.  I like this more proactive role of Alfred’s but I think he should maybe ditch the butler’s uniform when he’s fighting crime.  I don’t Know why, but I think it looks silly.  He tells Dick that some alarms have gone off and someone is in the cave.  Dick goes to investigate. 

Dick finds no one at first, but notices that the tarp that was covering the giant penny has been removed.  Dick looks at the other side of the penny and sees it’s been scarred - like Two-Face’s coin.  Before he can react, Dick gets hit with some darts in the back and collapses.  He looks up and there standing in his own Batman uniform is Two-Face and we end there.

A promo piece that was released prior to Battle for the Cowl (BFTC) showed Two-Face in this Bat-outfit.  It’s unknown if DC was originally going to have Two-Face show up in this outfit in BFTC and then pushed it back to here in Winick’s run.  It’s nice to see it finally show up, but why is Two-Face dressed like this?  Does he want to become a dark version of Batman now? 

Mark Bagley’s artwork isn’t that good here.  I think certain comic book artists work shines when they are doing certain characters.  I think maybe Mark should go back and do Marvel characters.  Although I think his art could work well in a book with young characters like Red Robin and the Teen Titans.

I’m looking ahead to the Batman title post-Judd Winick.  I’d like to see what Tony Daniel is going to do as the writer.  Can’t really recommend this book.  With comic book prices going up, there’s other stuff that’s much better out there right now.  Later.



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