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Friday October 5, 2012 11:04 pm

Dave Sim City Is Here!

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Video Games, Independent,

Sim CityWelcome to Dave Sim City! It’s the game of the century! The 19th Century! Are you ready to play?

Dave Sim City is a close-minded, walled-off one-player environment that’s all the fun of the real experience but now in an incredible computer-based simulation! Design and build the Dave Sim City of your dreams. Create the rants, raves, and lengthy intellectual correspondence!

It’s all here just as you’ve experienced it in real life!

Once unleashed, the denizen of Dave Sim City takes on a life of its own! There’s no controlling it, you can only hope to contain it before he crosses the border or meets a woman.

Dave Sim City is a simulation of the popular comic book creator. In Dave Sim City he works, rants, writes screeds and melts down periodically requiring you to step back and turn off the game!

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You control the fate of Dave Sim City and he hates you for it! In Dave Sim City, women know their place... and it’s not in Dave Sim City!

* Loaded with animation and detailed angry sound effects and rants!

* All your dreams will be sucked out of your brain by a Woman-Straw in Dave Sim City!

* Dave Sim City gives you the key to the city and tells you where to shove it!

Compatible with IBM Selectric and Smith-Corona!

Order yours today! (Male Lights only, please. No Female Voids)

[Artwork: Sim City]



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