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Thursday February 5, 2009 1:31 pm

Cool Web Sites: Toonlet

Wednesday holding up a toonlet

WARNING!: You may spend the entire day at this site!

At least, I almost did. With a user-friendly platform and great functionality toonlet gets my vote for an awesome site to create your latest witty comic strip. The platform works off of a series of “art packs”, which contain parts of the character (Head, body, mouth, etc) you can then mix and match until you’ve created a character you are pleased with and use them in future comic strips. You can also assign emotions to the character and build variations so that you can create multiple comic strips in minutes.

Toonlet website

Great for casual creative cool-kids or old bosses looking to send a laugh around the office. For artists it’s a great site to go to for inspiration. Many times I’ve found myself staring at a blank page wondering what shapes will best describe my character, only to fill up my trash bin with several crumpled attempts at what I see in my head. With toonlet you can try several ideas out and save them all for future reference, or discard them in the virtual trash bin.

And if you’re not a fan of the art packs provided by toonlet and feel like you could create something better; well then go right ahead. “toonlet” allows you to create your own features for your cartoon genius.

The only downside is that the characters you create for your strip, even at their most animated, lack movement and perspective. At this point scenes that involve multiple characters and landscapes is not possible. BUT the site is still in beta and who knows, that may be one of the functions in the official release.

You can read an interview with toonlet creator, Craig Schwartz, here



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