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Tuesday February 3, 2009 12:36 pm

Cool Instructables: Green Lantern Power Ring

Posted by Kris Madden Categories: Site Features, DC Comics,

First four panels for Green Lantern
Green Lantern Light Power Stance

Power Ring

Like Inigo Montoya’s line from The Princess Bride, “...You killed my father, prepare to die” or Jules Winfield’s Ezekiel quote in Pulp Fiction, “...And you will know my name is the Lord.”

Green Lanterns have their line to recite before they take out the villainous scourge of the earth. But unlike the other quotes, when you say the Green Lantern creed, it sounds best when you’re wearing your own Power Ring.

This Instructable will provide you with tools and instructions you need to get going on your Green Lantern costume for Halloween 2009 or Comicon in the Summer. With ring building guides from beginner to advanced, there’s a ring for every kind of Green Lantern DIY fan.

Or if you’d rather save the time and energy you can pick a power ring up here as well.



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