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Friday September 11, 2009 2:52 am

Comic Book School With Denny O’Neil? Cool!

batman244Denny O’Neil probably needs no introduction—he’s been an editor at both Marvel and DC and written many memorable and award-winning stories. He also wrote some of the best Batman stories ever (and it certainly didn’t hurt that a great number of them were illustrated by Neal Adams and Dick Giordano).

Denny knows more about writing comics than pretty much anyone in the business. He even wrote a book about it called The DC Comics Guide to Writing Comics.

Coming up at the end of this month—September 30 in fact—Denny’s going to be schooling a new generation of Dennyites. If you’d like to learn at the feet of a master of the form, that opportunity awaits you. Denny’s teaching a 10-week course at New York University’s School Of Professional & Continuing Studies, right there in New York City.

Read More | NYU via Comic Book Resources

If you’re in the tri-state area—that’s New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to you non-locals—and are serious about writing (and not just comics), you could learn a lot in 10 weeks. The course is called Writing Comics And Graphic Novels, every Wednesday from 6:45pm - 9:05pm. And he’s going to require you to complete a script during the 10 weeks, a deadline that would be a luxury to a working professional.

You can sign-up online, or call 212-998-7200. Do I need to mention that operators are standing by and you should have your credit card ready?

[Artwork: Cover to Batman 244 by Neal Adams. The interior by Denny and Neal is one of the classic Batman stories]



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