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Monday April 12, 2010 1:27 pm

Comic Book Jobs: Who’s Hiring? Tokyopop!

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, TokyoPop,

Love Knot 1I know Spring Break just ended for everyone who’s not Lindsay Lohan, and that means summer’s coming and if you’re getting ready to graduate and jump into what’s left of America’s labor pool, or if you are already there and looking for something new and different in the field of comic books, then a good place to start shopping that resume could be out in Los Angeles, at the headquarters of manga publisher .

They have four (count ‘em 4) openings, starting with a Marketing Manager. In that position, you’ll be creating and executing “the Tokyopop marketing plans with a focus on online brand development and management, grassroots, and social media marketing” and reporting all to the Associate Publisher. In addition to getting your Twitter on with your Facebooking and your YouTubing, you’ll be heavily involved in the Tokyopop Tour, managing national and retail accounts and trying to figure out how to increase marketshare. (Unhelpful Hint: in the comics industry, that usually means putting more books on the schedule, so try to think outside of that particular box.)

Another position in search of a potential you is Web Designer to create “high-quality, on-time web marketing design materials to meet requirements.” And why will you be doing this? To “utilize existing properties and art assets and create new ones to maximize the Tokyopop web experience.” A BA or its equivalent in graphic design along with some web design experience that doesn’t involve Battlestar Galactica fan pages.

If you’re not all about the web or marketing, maybe you just like to count money? The Tokyopoppers are also looking for a Staff Accountant “to ensure accounts receivable and payable functions and related accounting are completed in a timely manner.” So if you think you can keep more money coming in than going out, you might have a shot here. You’ll be reporting to the Controller, which is not some lame Naruto villain, but the person who will watch you watch the money. Naturally, that 4-year college degree is required, preferably in accounting, also some experience in accounting out in the workplace would be nice too, and if you know anything about the Great Plains financial accounting software, then it’s all good.

And finally, their design department is looking for a Junior Graphic Designer to follow around the Senior Designer and the Art Director and do whatever they say to do: marketing and sales materials, trade show graphics, brand identities and the like. Packaging and typography skills are preferred, for this temp position.

And if you’re looking for school credit or some office experience while you’re still in school, be sure to check out their internships in Digital Media Production, Marketing, Business & Legal, Design and Editorial.

Good luck, job seekers, and maybe we’ll bump into each other on the convention circuit some day!

[Artwork: cover to Love Knot #1, © Tokyopop]



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