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Monday February 22, 2010 11:29 pm

Comic Book Jobs: Who’s Hiring? The Stan Lee Orchestra!

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Marvel Comics,

Stan LeeNot everybody who’s part of the comic book industry is writing, drawing, coloring, lettering or editing or blogging about writing, drawing, coloring, lettering or editing. There’s plenty of room for lawyers and accountants and guys who drive the trucks for Diamond Comic Distributors (and those guys are essential). But now there’s also an opportunity for anyone who can tap out a tune on a keytar, slap a bow on a violin or a blow a French horn.

I didn’t know this, or if I did, I’d forgotten it, but there’s apparently a Stan Lee documentary in the works called With Great Power. I believe this is different from the one called True Believer: The Stan Lee Documentary.

The folks behind the With Great Power doc are putting together “talented score musicians” which, unfortunately, are not guitar players who know how to make women pay their rent, but skilled musicians who want to be in the orchestra that’s scoring the film.

If you’re “skilled at your craft, non-union and can sight-read” and want to be part of the 90-piece non-union mighty marching band, I mean orchestra, currently being assembled for a 1-day session in mid-March over at the Warner Brothers’ Eastwood Stage, then some producers would like to hear from you – by email first, then they’ll listen to your pulse-pounding tuba triumph .

The downside, of course, is that this is pro bono work (that’s Latin for “freebie”) for the low budget doc. But it’s a 6-hour session with lunch provided and credit in the finished film (make sure you get that in writing).

If you want to be a part of this history of Stan, then polish your flugelhorn and pop them your resume.

[Artwork: Simply the greatest photo of Stan Lee ever, from his “Groovy Period.”]



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