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Thursday February 4, 2010 1:36 pm

Comic Book Jobs: Who’s Hiring? Marvel, Full Moon and Lego (Sort of)

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Marvel Comics,

Lego BatmanEveryone loves a good job, and people without a job would just like one. I can’t guarantee that any of these jobs are good, bad or fun, but I can see one thing for certain: they are jobs. Let the hunt begin!

Marvel Comics: If you can tell the difference between the Fantastic Four and the Howling Commandos and you’ve got some mad Adobe software skills as well (not just your free Acrobat Reader), then Marvel Comics’ New York office could be the place for you. Their digital production department is looking for a graphic designer with experience in comic book or traditional book production. The downside is that it’s a temp spot and it only pays $15 an hour, but hey, you’ll still be a part of the comic book industry.

Full Moon: Charles Band and the crew behind Full Moon Entertainment’s movies like Puppet Master, Demonic Toys, Dollman, and Trancers are looking for an eBay consultant to help them sell off their tons of warehoused material. It’s a 1000-piece collection “of rare and valuable items, many of them one of a kind. At this time, the intention is 20 pieces per week. They include giant film posters, original concept and production drawings, paintings, pen and ink comic book art, prototypes for figurines, and autographed items.” I worked on some of those Full Moon comics back in the 1990s and if some of the art they’re offering is from that era, there are some nice pieces in that collection including early J. H. Williams.

This Month’s Model: Modeling isn’t all runways, weird clothes no one will wear and pictures that have been Photoshopped to the plastic smoothness of Heidi Montag’s face. Sometimes modeling is just putting on a loincloth and posing with a sword while someone swipes that pose for a comic book. If you’ve ever wanted to model for comic books and graphic novels, there’s a guy looking to give you $20 an hour.

Lego: Bits, Bytes & Bots teaches 6-14 year olds cool stuff like “Lego robotics engineering, computer game creation, animated movie making and comic book creation.” They’re looking for a part-time Office Assistant. In addition to the hourly wage, you might score some Lego samples. And honestly, doesn’t the phrase “Lego robotics engineering” make you want to click the “attach file: resume” button as quickly as humanly possible?

Now, good luck to all prospective candidates!

[Artwork: Angus MacClane is the creator of the Lego Batman in the picture and he’s got dozens more - including Avatar ones - in his Flicker set. Link courtesy of Comics Alliance.]



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