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Thursday June 24, 2010 7:44 pm

Comic Book Jobs: Who’s Hiring? Marvel Comics

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Marvel Comics,

Marvel Feature 11It’s a slow summer hiring season, boys and girls, and I imagine it’ll stay that way until at least the fall. But I’m no analyst, just a doofus with a blog.

If you are an analyst, however, you might find a home at Marvel Comics’ New York office. They’re looking for a Junior Publishing Data Analyst who’s “dedicated and highly-motivated” and can “create publishing projects” such as comic books, collections and marketing materials.

Unfortunately, they only want you on a temporary full-time basis with this qualifier:  “This a basic yet very important data entry position that is looking for a detail-oriented and analytical person.”

If selected, your primary mission will be to edit and maintain titles, presumably on a database program not as a hands-on comic book editor. Also you’ll arrange “printing vendor assignments, item categories, pricing and book types,” as well as title schedules and making sure that everything is entered properly so the Sales Department can create those vital “financial forecast reports” that are the lifeblood of a publicly held company like , I mean Marvel.

If this sounds as exciting to you as watching battle The Thing does to me, then pop that resume over to Marvel before Iron Man 2‘s DVD hits Wal-Mart.

[Artwork: Cover to Marvel Feature #11, © Marvel Characters. I swiped it from the Giant Size Marvel blog, where I highly recommend you go. I just spent an hour over there analyzing old John Byrne artwork.]



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