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Wednesday February 2, 2011 12:51 am

Comic Book Jobs: Universal Orlando

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Universal Orlando

If you’re handy with a brush and tired of painting portraits of people’s dogs, you could do worse than a full-time job at Universal Orlando down in Florida.

They have a couple of jobs that might be right for you because, according to them, “We work hard to ensure that every area of our resort looks just right...to make sure our guests feel like they've just set foot inside the pages of a comic book or onto the set of their favorite movie.”

Since they have rides based on both Spider-Man and Harry Potter, that sounds about right.

The first job up for grabs is Scenic Painter. This is old-school painting with brush and bucket and involves “problem solving, superior painting skills, attention to detail, and the ability to use good judgment under pressure.”

And a good Scenic Painter needs some help, so Universal is also looking for a Painter for the assist.

I didn’t know this next job could be “comic book specific,” but Universal also needs an Attractions Attendant.

Here’s the official description: “Enter a gleaming comic book city where Super Heroes pit themselves against Super Villains in the ultimate battle of good versus evil, or help our guests plunge into total darkness as they face an army of warrior mummies on a psychological thrill ride totally unlike anything that's come along in the past 3,000 years!”

In an earlier life, this would be called Tour Guide but the requirements are the same: happy, perky people who look good and help cranky, unhappy tourists enjoy themselves.

But it’s not all beer-and-skittles, though: “Select Attractions Attendants may be required to rack and clean 3D glasses and/or wear mandatory wardrobe accessories such as ties, hats, and gloves...individuals may encounter many special effects such as strobe lights, fog effects, pyrotechnics, small/confined spaces, dark locations, loud noises, heights greater than 4 ft and/or motion simulators.”

And through it keep smiling and repeating, “Right this way, please. Exit through the gift shop...”

Good luck, job seekers!

[Artwork: Universal Orlando]



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