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Sunday June 28, 2009 11:45 pm

COMIC BOOK JOBS: This Year’s Models For Comic Con International

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Hey, all you gorgeous models, 18-years-old, and older. I know what you’re thinking – you’re 5’7” tall, you have the ability to stand for long periods of time in tiny shoes with spike heeled, and car shows and boat shows aren’t quite the modeling opportunity you were hoping for and you want a fresh challenge. After all, you’ve got a nice figure, enhanced by dieting, workouts and perhaps some well-placed scalpels, and you’d like to put that bikini body to work for you and get a little return on your ab investment. Maybe even show it off in some kind of form-fitting costume, all the while talking about how great some dude’s comic book is and fielding questions like

“When’s it coming out?” “Can I take your picture?” and “Who’s your favorite Watchmen?” And you really want to do all of that in front of a bunch of middle-age guys in 10-year-old X-Men t-shirts that must’ve shrunk in the laundry. If that sounds like you, then there’s “a well-known Entertainment Marketing & Advertising agency” that’s hiring hot models for “ambassadorships” at San Diego’s Comic Con International this year (July 22-July 26, as if you didn’t know). So if you have the audience-appropriate photo of yourself that shows off your rock-hardbodiness and one of your super-powers is the ability to produce a US Social Security Number at will, you could be eligible for this $35/hour gig.
Geebo has all the details (that’s a website, not a Star Wars character.)

And if you’re looking for comic book hotties, you certainly won’t be shocked to know that there’s a website that’s actually called Comic Book Hotties, and features info on the women who get paid to dress up for public appearances, like Dutch model Jill de Jong who used to make a living by portraying Lara Croft Tomb Raider. There’s a possibility this site might be NSFW.

[Photo: Jill de Jong as Lara Croft]



Too bad I don’t live in San Diego… That’s such a lame requirement.


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