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Friday February 13, 2009 5:08 pm

COMIC BOOK JOBS: NOW HIRING? DC Comics & Harry Abrams!

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials,

Nobody has to be told that it’s a crappy environment to be looking for a job. Books, newspapers, comic books – all parts of the print-related pie are dwindling faster than the Wookie-shaped cheesecake at a Star Wars-themed wedding. Here are two places that are looking for qualified comic book people. Okay, so it’s not writing and drawing, but they still look like fun gigs, if you pass the test. So study hard, whip that resume into shape and good luck!

DC COMICS, publisher of Superman, killer of Batman, and owner of Lesbian Batwoman, is looking for an “Executive Director, Publishing Operations.” Sounds like a nice suit-and-tie job with an expensive Manhattan haircut to match. But what’s that job entail? Lots of great items in the checklist of responsibilities, but the main one is: “Coordination of long term publishing plans and monitor costs/sales projections for project budgeting.” You’ll need a minimum of 7-years experience in the “comic book specialty market, mass market book or newsstand periodical sales” and the ever-elusive “management experience” to count those particular comic book budget beans. You can get more details here.

HARRY ABRAMS, the venerable artsy publisher of quality hardcovers, is looking for an “Editor, Abrams ComicArts.” This sounds like a sweet gig in one of the few potentially growing print segments: graphic novels. What do you get to do if you’re lucky to land this? You’ll “be responsible for editing and project managing titles acquired by the Executive Editor as well as acquiring individual titles for Abrams’s growing comic art and graphic novel list.” You’ll get to read a lot of comics and meet a lot of creative people, that’s what. But first, your qualifications: “10 years experience in an editorial capacity…keen understanding of the comic arts marketplace…established relationships in publishing and the comics market.” There’s more to it than that, but you can find out all the details about the job here.

If those sound like your dream jobs, what the heck are you waiting for?
(Artwork @ DC Comics, Inc.)



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