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Monday December 27, 2010 4:14 am

Comic Book Jobs: Microsoft - Halo

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Video Games,

Halo UprisingMicrosoft, a company you might’ve heard of, is looking for someone to wear their Halo proudly.

They want a Consumer Products Associate to join their “Halo Franchise Strategy & Business Development Team.”

The Halo franchise “has exceeded $2 billion dollars in revenue, spanning multimedia and merchandise such as collectibles, fiction, comic books, apparel and accessories.”

As a Consumer Products Associate, you’ll “help define Halo Franchise’s positioning both internally and externally by assisting in the development and execution of innovative marketing, long-term growth strategy, partner selection and business development.” Whew. Busy day!

You get to manage the art, marketing and game code assets while working with game studios to retrieve and deliver them to licensees.

That’s the all-important responsibility. The rest is just standard administrative and hand-holding.

But you’ll be deep within the Halo universe with your digits in all aspects of the franchise, and for a gamer with a BA or BS degree, can there be a better place?

Of course, you’ll need production management experience in toys, comics, publishing and the like, and the ability to plan long range and see the big picture.

Good luck, job seekers!

[Artwork: Halo Uprising comic book, © Microsoft]



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