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Friday January 14, 2011 1:16 am

Comic Book Jobs: Marvel Comics

Spider-Man CameraMarvel Comics in New York hasn’t posted much in the way of job listings so far in 2011, but now they have a nice one.

Marvel.com is looking for a Video Editor.

You’ll be working with “other video editors and producers through all stages of the video production and post-production process to promote and expose Marvel Comics, Marvel Studios projects and much more.”

You have to be a strong storyteller and be “able to shoot/edit documentary style interviews.”You’ll need mad skills with the usual software, from Final Cut Pro on down. But here’s the kicker:
“The responsibilities include, but are not limited to: using the Marvel Comics library of over 8,000 characters and over 70 years of material to create comic book and general Marvel-related videos.”

How could you not want that? It’s a shame the technology didn’t exist for this back in the Lee-Kirby-Ditko era, but you can fix that - or at least preserve the current era for the future - with some of the material available to you.
Naturally, you’ll need a pile of experience, technical knowledge, and time management skills as well as the ability “to take criticism with professionalism and flexibility.” Corporate critics are a tough audience.

So go out there and make some Marvel documentaries that I can watch!

Good luck, job seekers!

[Artwork: From the Spidey-cam collection, © Marvel Comics]



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