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Wednesday August 11, 2010 11:13 am

Comic Book Jobs: Comic Strips and Graphic Novels

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials,

Popeye Comic StripI was scanning the job listings the other day and found a bunch of teaching jobs. Somewhere between Composition I and II and Finance instructors, I found an opportunity for someone to teach Literature of Comic Books and the Graphic Novel. Where was this class when I was a lazy student?
The job awaits you at the Art Center Design College in Tucson, Arizona. Job duties of the graphic novel instructor are typical teacher stuff: “Instruct students according to the established curriculum provided by the General Education Department, grade all assignments, quizzes, and exams, and attend all instructor meetings.”

You need the usual requirements, and there are benefits including a “potential for full time faculty positions” and a “stable work environment.” Both of which cannot be overstated.

If you’d rather “do” than “teach,” here’s an odd listing that’s been up for awhile. It might already be filled, but I can’t find confirmation of that.

A “comic strip syndicate” in New York is looking for a Marketing Director. There aren’t that many syndicates in NYC so you can narrow the list down pretty fast because they claim to be the “World’s Largest Distributor of Comics/Cartoons to Newspapers.”

This unnamed secret company is looking for someone to meet “the challenges of sustaining strong traditional businesses, while looking to further establish their footprint in a new media landscape.” All that means is that you get to explain to a bunch of terrified old people how they can use the internet to preserve their jobs once newspapers give it up.

You get to head up a “department of four including publicity director, promotion manager, marketing associate, and graphic designer,” as well as managing a public relations company. Your client list at the company includes 75 cartoonists and 25 writers, so you have a lot of handholding as you navigate the future.

The listing includes all the great corporate buzz-phrases: “branded websites,” “digital marketing strategies,” “website-associated revenue streams,” “unique selling propositions,” “leveraging social media marketing,” and so forth.

Naturally, “knowledge of comic strip and comic book characters and recent successes for comics-based properties is good.” Not just in this job, but in life itself.

Good luck, job seekers!

[Artwork: A little piece of Popeye, © King Features Syndicate]



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