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Saturday September 4, 2010 10:59 pm

Comic Book Jobs: Classic Media

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VoltronHere’s a quiz: What company “owns and manages a globally-recognized portfolio of well-known family and pop-culture entertainment brands” including Casper the Friendly Ghost, Where’s Waldo?, Lassie, Gold Key Comics, The Lone Ranger, and Voltron?

If you guessed Classic Media, then you are either very smart or you read the header. Well, if you’re a marketing whiz, the folks at Classic Media are looking for you. Specifically a VP/Director of Marketing for their New York office.

You’ll be “responsible for leading brand strategy – developing and executing marketing plans across the Company’s Pop Culture & Boys’ Action properties, including: Where’s Waldo? and Voltron.” I wouldn’t actually refer to Where’s Waldo? as an action property, but Voltron? Heck yes!

CM wants you to understand and leverage “brand insight to drive revenue” with a “left and right brain aptitude – a P&L focus with the ability to drive first-class creative and product development.”

Naturally, to fulfill all those buzzwords and more, you’re going to need some experience, 9+ years in fact, in marketing “with emphasis on brand management.” And if you have some expertise “in the evolving media landscape” and are “digitally savvy and a social networking guru,” well, that’ll help, too.

Classic Media is “one of the world’s largest independent entertainment companies” and “a leader in reinventing the classics of yesterday and creating the entertainment classics of tomorrow.”

Despite this, they aren’t paying anything for relocation, so if you land the job, the move is on you. And if you live in the “Greater New York City area,” they’ll love you more.

Good luck, job seekers!

[Artwork: Voltron, © Classic Media]



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