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Monday December 15, 2008 11:04 pm

“Civil War” Comes to Heroes in 2009

Posted by Todd Matthy Categories: DVD, Editorials, Reviews, Television,

Hayden Panettiere
Last night the third volume of “Heroes” came to end, and while it did introduce a whole new batch of characters and powers, I was underwhelmed. Of course I was underwhelmed all season. Sure they gave us the best interpretation I’ve seen of Puppet Master and a good helping of Kristen Bell, but those were hidden gems to be found in a season that moved at a snail’s pace. But there is hope for next season. Despite firing a high profile Marvel Comics employee, the producers of “Heroes” are going to take another page from the Marvel Universe with their version of the Super Hero Registration Act.

Stop reading if you don’t want to be spoiled…

Okay, that’s good enough. If you caught the epilogue to last night’s episode Nathan Petrelli handed President Worf (I’m not a Star Trek fan and I knew that) files on all the heroes so the government can round them up. A simple concept that can go a long way… if done right.

Done right, this season could be the strongest since the first season, afterall, the concept of fugitive heroes has sustained the X-Men in comics for over thirty years, so there’s no reason it can’t work on television. Especially if it involves characters we are already invested in. So let’s add some weight to this plot line, first by killing off some of the heroes. Am I the only one who considers Parkman expendable? Secondly, make Nathan and Peter into the “Heroes” equivalent of Captain America and Iron Man. The rebel brother versus the establishment brother, it’s a natural rivalry. Finally, Sylar should get some redemption. Anyone who reads comics knows he’s still out there, so why not make him the fugitive heroes’ last hope?
Producers, this is “Heroes” last chance. Your ratings have dropped significantly. If you screw this volume up don’t bother mapping out a Volume 5, I, along with many others, won’t be back. 



  maybe i can read very well but right after the spoiler alert it specifically says Nathan Petrelli.


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