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Thursday December 10, 2009 10:40 am

Charlie Brown For Sale!

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Charlie Brown ChristmasI know there are people out there who’d kill to have the image of Jesus appear to them on a potato chip. And there are those who get a thrill out of bumping into a celebrity - even a D-List one - at the local Costco. There’s also a group of people who’d love to live in a house that was once owned by a famous person.

As in: “I love this person so much that I want to live in his house after he’s dead.” It’s an odd fetish to have and thank goodness it’s not mine.

But if you love Charlie Brown, Peanuts and Snoopy and the Fantagraphics reprints can’t satisfy your love, there’s something that might. The Santa Rosa house on Montecito Avenue that creator Charles Schulz lived in back in the 1970s is up for sale. The two-story, 14-room house, originally built in 1949, has two master bedrooms (make of that what you will), five full baths and a powder room. There’s also a swimming pool, a cabana, a 1000 square-foot guest house (with two bedrooms and a full kitchen), and a chapel on the gated property.

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If you’re so inclined, you could wander his old hallways, use his toilet, and stare out the same windows he did as he looked for inspiration during those years when Peppermint Patty and Marcie came to dominate the strip.

The asking price for this slice of cartoon history is a mere $2.9 million, which breaks down to over 58,000 copies of The Complete Peanuts Boxed Set 1950-1954, or Tiger Woods’ annual stripper budget. But perhaps it’s negotiable. The San Francisco Chronicle has the full story. Be sure to click through all the photos before you put in your offer.

I was going to close this out by saying “Good grief!” but I know everyone’s expecting that, so I’m holding back.

[Artwork: Image from A Charlie Brown Christmas]



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