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Saturday June 23, 2012 10:35 pm

Cerebus Original Art

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Independent,

Cerebus #11Years ago, I owned a piece of original Dave Sim art from Cerebus. It was a page from Cerebus #11. I bought it at a New York convention from Dave’s then-wife Deni who was selling pages at their table. It’s the page just before the very first full page appearance of Cockroach.

It was the multi-panel page where Cockroach is off-panel, ranting like a nutcase and Cerebus is going through a number of twisted facial expressions.

If I was a true collector, I would’ve bought the page with the actual first appearance of Cockroach. But I really liked all the different animated expressions on Cerebus’ face. It was a tour-de-force of character drawing.

I bought it for $15.

I framed it when I got back home and it hung on my wall through various moves over the years. When space got tight, thought, I sold it off.

Read More | Kickstarter via Bleeding Cool

Dave Sim sold off a bunch of his Cerebus originals over the years and he’s looking to get some high res scans of them to help him restore his digital and print products to a pristine look. You can find the details here. If you have something, give them a hand - they’re offering incentives.

[Artwork: Cover to Cerebus #11, © Dave Sim]



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