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Friday November 27, 2009 10:32 am

BOOM! Mickey Mouse and Friends #296

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Mickey MouseI’ll get this out of the way early: I don’t like Mickey Mouse as a character. I find him the most irritating one in the Disney cartoon universe and his high-pitched voice makes him the Jennifer Tilly of animation for me. So I was all poised to not like the new Boom! Kids comic with him as the star.

Naturally, I’m wrong, again. Mickey Mouse and Friends #296 kicks off Boom!’s launch of the title with a tale by Stefano Ambrosio (translated by Saida Temafonte) and artists Lorenzo Pastrovicchio, Roberto Santillo and Marco Giglione that ties in with Sorcerer’s Apprentice continuity (from Fantasia). Mickey’s still the apprentice to the sorcerer Nereus and still not doing a good job, magically speaking. When Nereus leaves for an emergency, Mickey is tricked out of the drought-suffering village’s magic crystal by Peg-Leg Pete.

Before Nereus returns and realizes what a dope his apprentice is, Mickey has to join a sorcerer’s team in the far-off city of Grand Haven and enter a tournament to try to win the crystal back. Fortunately, he’s found Goofy, a sorcerer who really wants to be an alchemist and herbalist, and Donald Duck, a sorcerer with a pet dragon. Together, the three form their own sorcerer’s team and set out to defeat Pete, who’s determined to stop them (and he’s got Disney’s classic Beagle Boys on his side).

Mickey Mouse And Friends #296 is fun stuff based on classic fantasy elements – Mickey has a quest and he’s gathering his team of misfits to fight against a greater evil. It was smart of Boom! to launch with a story that not only has Fantasia callbacks, but also features elements that fans of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter could appreciate as well. Comical hijinks are certain to ensue in the next issue as the story continues.

The art by Lorenzo Pastrovicchio, Roberto Santillo and Marco Giglione is nicely done and seamless considering the three participants. It’s very expressive and timeless in the classic Disney way. A well-done relaunch. I may learn to like the Mouse yet.

[Artwork: excerpt from Mickey Mouse And Friends #296, © Disney]



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