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Friday December 3, 2010 11:04 pm

Appy Entertainment: Trucks & Skulls Wins Again

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Trucks&Skulls2.1As everyone knows, Trucks are good and Skulls are evil. And when they get together…it's smashing. I'd read a comic book called Trucks & Skulls; I'd watch a movie called Trucks & Skulls; and I'd give my kids a bunch of toys called Trucks & Skulls.

What Trucks & Skulls is right now, though, is a game app for the iPhone and the iPad.

It hasn't been out for much longer than a month and already it's racking up the awards, the great reviews and the downloads.

The reason I pimp for this (again!) is that the game comes from Appy Entertainment and its Secret World Headquarters north of San Diego.

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Oh, and the company is run by some friends of mine, Chris Ulm and Paul O'Connor, both of whom have cred in both comics (Malibu Comics; Ultraverse) and games (Oddworld; High Moon).

Here's what's up with their latest game: Trucks & Skulls:

Trucks & Skulls debuted as Apple's iPad Game Of The Week.

Shortly thereafter, a version of the game was available for the iPhone and then what happened? It was Apple's iPhone Game Of The Week.

Trucks & Skulls was IGN's iPhone Game Of The Month, who called it "Angry Birds for dudes." You can't get higher praise than that.

If you've been playing Trucks & Skulls, you now have a chance to nominate it in the 2010 Best App Ever Awards. I've already done it and you know you want to! Give these game dudes a happy holiday season.

Appy's games have racked up more than 6 million downloads and the players keep coming back for more. I already know what they're working on for 2011, because I slipped them some pizza and beer, and I predict some happy Appys in the coming year.

[Artwork: Trucks & Skulls, © Appy Entertainment]



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