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Tuesday July 28, 2009 12:55 pm

Batman’s Secret For Stress-Free Workdays

Posted by Kris Madden Categories: Editorials, DC Comics,


BAT BROTH! That’s right, not your household chicken broth, “Bat Broth” is “a special mixture of nutrients designed to quickly convert to energy under conditions of internal stress.” It’s no wonder Bruce Wayne is able to run a multi-billion dollar business and moonlight as a crime fighter, when he has the modern businessman’s ultimate remedy.

I found out Bruce Wayne’s secret soup at the The Great Batman Equipment Archive. The site takes a comprehensive look into the Dark Knight’s “utility belt” of tricks; highlighting Batman’s inventory from comics, video games, RPGs, films, scripts, books, websites, and TV shows. Most common items are Batman’s tried and true “Batarang”, “Grapple Gun”, cape and cowl, but you’ll be surprised to learn about other items (Besides “Bat Broth”) the caped crusader carried with him from time to time.

When his video recorder, bat communicator, and Alfred just won’t do. Batman reaches for his trusty Sharpie Ink Pen for assistance. A superhero’s best choice for making a bold and permanent mark on the world. You won’t find a Parker ballpoint, Bic, or Pilot G-2 among the dark knight’s accessories.

Bat Glue Gun
Shoots projectile pellets, for stopping criminals in their tracks with a “thick super adhesive that soak[s] through their shoes and into the skin of their feet”. Seems a little overkill with the glue seeping into the feet of its victims. What happens if the criminal doesn’t wear shoes? Does it soak further into the skin? Would the foot have to be amputated? Inquiring villains want to know.

Turns out not every pouch was filled in Batman’s Utility belt. After all, he needed somewhere to store evidence he collected until he returned to the Bat Cave. And sometimes, he’d have to fight crime on the way back, making carrying evidence in hand an impossible task.



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